Tom Valone: Future Energy Technologies and Electronics and the Body

By Talismanicidols on May 19, 2016

Tom Valone delivers a great presentation about future technologies.  My favorite part is actually towards the beginning when he mentions how the human body reacts to things like holding a phone to your ear for 15 minutes.  You probably didn’t know this.

He also talks about electrons in the body as antioxidants and free radicals deplete the body’s electrons.  

After playing the Shell Oil commercial on guiding the planet towards energy independence and then rips it a new asshole.  The big companies (according to him) have no real solution, only fearful attempts at staying in the energy game.

From Bill Clinton on “climate change” to Iron seeding the oceans plankton to capture and sequester CO2.

20-40 year batteries and drawing energy from a wet surface with new technologies.

He shows images of spiral magnetic motors that he built, Quantum Energy Extraction, and more.

Check it out and enjoy.

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