The New Push: An Esoteric Agenda Continues

By developer on September 22, 2015

Hello all.  It has been a while.  It has been a long, weird, psychedelic, entrepreneurial hurricane kick flip of the imagination these past few years.  I have moved around the country, been staying outside of the country and vagabonding my way into a new life.  So enough being vague.

Green Bay, WI with HierosonicBen Speaks @ WeAreChange Sept. 11

For the past 16 years of my life I’ve been a musician.  Touring, writing, touring, writing, and every now and then seeing my family and having time for leisure.  Back in 2012 everything accelerated.  I fell in love.  Not kid love, real love.  Kid love is fun, exciting and filled with nonsensical whims of emotion.  Real love is fun, exciting, filled with nonsense and a kick in the proverbial junk.  

Life began to fall apart and with it, all that I once thought I knew about myself.  I began looking back at the music I had made, the films I had made and the lectures I was giving around the world.  None of it made sense to me anymore.  Except for the notion that we must remain open to the fact that we know less than we think, and we think incorrectly, incompletely, and often times sans compassion.

I lost while I was in Holland building a family.  The site has been turned into a breast augmentation clinic.  I could make a double D joke… but anyway,  the person who took it did not remain anonymous and when I asked how much he wanted for it, I heard nothing back.  People told me it was a ploy to destroy my name.  I pondered the two-fold ramifications of that possibility.  Who would care to take the time to destroy my name?  And how much should I care about the reputation of my name?  

I personally don’t care why he did it because here we are, on  Furthermore, I’m not pushing  a name or even an ideology.  I’ve come to realize the world and its events and people summon a holy collective rhythm and all I simply do, is sing back to it.

I’ve ascended the mountain, listened to the burning bush, destroyed false idols, taken an entheogen or two, or a thousand, and come down older with stone tablets that very distinctly read “Wrong Mountain, but thanks for the company”.  It’s difficult at times to justify the work that I’ve done in the name of good when I’ve never been there… just have sense for the general direction.

But therein lies the beauty and the reason for my return.  I enjoy singing back to it all and goodness is a journey in which I find myself too deeply invested to slow down, let alone turn back.  But now, the difference is something that I’ve known for quite some time but haven’t successfully explored.  YOU! needs more than just myself creating content and putting it on this website and youtube.  I’ve offered to help others with documentary ideas however I seem to be the one leading every charge.  I haven’t had anyone come to me with a full idea, outlined, storyboarded and ready to pull the trigger with distribution plans and vision for “down the road”.  

This isn’t to discourage those who don’t understand these steps, but to encourage them to understand these steps.  So let me lay out a few points that may help.

I’m looking for Documentaries, Bloggers, Radio Programs / Podcasts, Visual Artists, Designers (clothing or graphic), etc…

Creating a documentary film takes more than just an idea.  It takes vision, focus, adaptability, patience and endurance.  Creating a blog page takes a unique voice, consistent content from the gut and heart, consistent feedback and a niche.  A radio program needs exactly what a blog page needs along with guests that fall into the niche.  Visual Artists simply need to tell their story through the thread of each of their pieces of art, rather than reinventing the wheel each time.  Clothing or Graphic designers simply need to do their thing with a voice/style of their own and email me when they have something I might want to collaborate on, buy or license for use.  

If you have an idea to share, please research and employ the traditional steps of outlining, cutting out the fat, staying on point with the overall concept, storyboarding the flow, giving examples of style (using other docos, films, comic books, paintings, etc…), studying possible demographics and target markets.  This seems like a lot of work but if these preliminary steps are taken, the following step (making the film, show, podcast, blog) will take far less time and arrive at the intended outcome much more effectively.  The more time put into organizing and mapping out the initial idea will make the end result more understandable and exciting for the audience.

The most important aspects of what I’m looking for fall into two categories.  

  1.  The art must serve a higher purpose for the benefit of all or at least some.  If it only benefits some, it must not disadvantage anyone or anything else for no reason of higher good.  If it calls a person or group out on something they are doing, it must truly be done in a manner that is not a smear campaign but an offer to clarify their misunderstanding or wrongs.  Put simply… help them, don’t slander them.
  2. If you bring a concept or idea to me for Talismanic Idols to push out to the world, encourage yourself to go above and beyond the call of duty.  Meaning; bring something to me that you’ve thought through and that I have likely not considered myself as an idea.  Imagine you’ve been hired at a firm.  You have a job description.  You show up every day, you do your work on time and never cause a fuss.  This is stopping at the ceiling of your job description because you think that is what the employer wants.  If you think of something that won’t just make your boss happy, but your boss’s boss happy… then your boss will find you to be an asset rather than an expendable cog in the wheel.  That’s what I want.  Look at the job description, not as the ceiling (limit), but the ground floor of your idea.  Your ideas shouldn’t meet your expectations or mine.  They should far exceed what you or I thought was possible.  Don’t be discouraged… this is far far easier than you might think.  Just use inspiration and relaxation as a tool.  Clear the mind and do it for fun and aim for infinity regardless of your “yeah but” syndrome.   

Quick note:  

More than likely, I’ve heard a large portion of the theories out there.  That’s Content and I’m not interested in the latest theory or content as much as I like the delivery method.  The style.  The concept of why it’s relevant.  Entertaining.  Moving.  

And I’m not working under a business model, per se.  My aim is to bring together a modest community of artists doing their thing the most effective way.  I’m not looking for the BIGGEST community.  That’s a model of “power in numbers” that I don’t subscribe to.  Nor am I looking for the flashiest or most edgy artists.  The “Shock-Effect” is only useful to wake people out of their conventions.  I believe Conspiracy has already reached the critical mass it needs.  Maybe more can wake up, but I feel we have enough.  

Now the time is to use the numbers we do have effectively and in a timely fashion.  Entrepreneur Troy Henikoff says to find the one thing you’re good at and do it better than anyone else.  Focus on your highest aim and you will find success regardless of the bumps in the road.  My kind of success is to introduce people to who they are beneath their beliefs and awaken potential they may not have ever fathomed they could wield.  

On that note…  Thank you all for coming back.  Thank you for your support even if it came in the form of criticism.  All is perfect when viewed as a teaching.  

Send your ideas, projects and ventures for a higher good to

I’ll be waiting for you. 

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