1) That Which Calls Out to be Known

By developer on October 2, 2015


When I began working on Esoteric Agenda back in 2007, I didn’t have a vision of the outcome.  That is not to say that I didn’t know the purpose for which it was being creating.  In fact, the higher purpose that compelled me to make that film was the only thing I did know.  I couldn’t speak of it in words, however.  It called out for video and music and concepts, and even then, this recipe could only imply and hint towards that purpose.  But let that not diminish the role that the unspeakable “purpose” played in my life at that point.

I wasn’t actively looking at the market of independent documentary films or scheming ways to “reach” people.  I simply knew there was a void that needed filled.  There were plenty of documentaries about conspiracy at the time.  Likewise, there were plenty of films about consciousness and the role of thoughts, emotions and choice on this world stage.  However, I wasn’t seeing the two connect.  At least not in the realm of “Independent and Free Online Documentary Films”.

David Icke and Michael Tsarion were just two of many authors and lecturers that tackled these subjects.  Both are unparalleled when it comes to the creative way they presented their theories and evidence.  But I wasn’t seeing it on youtube as a film.

The reason I emphasize this is because something was calling out from the void.  Like a large wall of painted and illuminated artwork but with a dark spot.  Untouched.  Uncolored.  Unlit.  And in a rapidly growing field of Youtube and Google Videos where anyone could buy a laptop, editing software, microphone and camera and call themselves a filmmaker, not much on this large wall was left uncolored and unlit by previous artist’s imagination.  So the dark spot was easy to distinguish and locate.  It was loud and obvious what needed to be done.

The same goes for modes of travel in the evolution of humanity.  Even though we can only speculate what it truly drives humanity to move in ever quicker and independent modes across this earth (i.e. the domestication and use of horses, boats, automobiles, planes, and beyond) it seems obvious that we are called from the void of the uninvented and Yet-to-be-imagined, and if you don’t answer that call, someone else surely will.

Communication is just the same.  It seems abundantly obvious that methods of communication will increasingly move quicker and more interactive as our technology (physical or otherwise) develops and our ingenuity allows.  Without speaking about where travel and communication may go in the future, this article is about the “Why”?  To ask that question implies that we are open to the possibility that we don’t already know the answer.  That kind of humility seems to the secret elixir with which the categories built into our perception are stretched, transformed, destroyed and rebuilt.

If you have a rigid filing cabinet for things you’ve experienced, it is possible any new event in your life will be seen not exactly as it is, but perverted to fit the parameters of the filing cabinet we’re accustomed to.  So the question is… WHY?  Why do we feel called to move fast and freely across the earth?  Why do we yearn to communicate quickly and interactively?  Why do we strive to learn more?

You could ask “What” are we seeking, but that implies a “thing” that we’re looking for rather than a perpetual impulse to move beyond the present confines into the future possibilities.  It is likely none of us seek specific things in our lives, rather the specific things we seek hold metaphorical value to us.  The power that money brings.  The prestige that land and title endows.  The gratification that sex and sensuality offers.  These are immeasurable.  Non quantifiable.   Yet they seem to be the implied reasons for our unquenchable thirst for their physical/measurable counterpart.

If you were to examine the trends of your behavior; the kind of occupation you gravitate towards, the style of music to which you’re attracted, the hierarchical and complementary relationships we fall into…  these trends speak volumes on our character.  And character cannot be seen in a static image or rigid category.  Like the face of a human that starts bald, chubby and pure and then grows, develops and defines itself through life.  It ages.  It withers.  It tells a story.  That is what we’re doing in life.  Whether we know it or not, we will one day pass on and leave behind the only thing we have ever been doing on this planet.  Telling the story of our character.

We tell it using the language of the temporary and fleeting “things” we acquire, the people we attract and repel, and the goodness or wickedness we impart.  The relationship we have with ourself and everything else is not effected as much by our stuff as it is by the way we use and employ said stuff.

Herein lies the calling out to be known.  If you are doing something with your life (which it’s kind of impossible not to do ANYTHING with your life), then by examining not the things you have and have had, but the manner in which you use those things to enrich life itself.  The only way this calling can make itself known from the murky depths of the void that CANNOT be seen is to use the “things” we CAN see in the measurable and quantifiable world as metaphors.

An ape will use a hammer according to the capacity of intelligence and the desires that compels the ape to do anything at all with its time.  Namely, an ape may stick a hammer down a hole in the dirt to gather insects for lunch.  Give that same hammer to a 5 year old human girl, she might put hair on it, draw a face, dress it up and use it as a doll to have tea-time with.  Give that hammer to a 13 year old boy who’s picked on at school, he might use it to defend himself.  Give it to an older craftsman, he might build a house.  Give it to an furious man with the “nothing to lose” mentality, he may kill someone with it.  All are using the same tool as a metaphor to reflect what calls to them from that unknowable void.

esoteric agenda2

In 2008 I released Esoteric Agenda without having intentionally set out to make any specific film.  In a sense, I discovered the film by creating it.  It revealed itself to me.  It was released free online because in some manner, I knew the film wasn’t necessarily “mine”.  I may have written out some words, typed a few commands in Final Cut video editor, I programmed a few soundtrack pieces and did my funky chicken dance to summon the favor of the gods (gave the film my stylings), but all those actions I took to create Esoteric Agenda were at the service of the calling.

That calling is still crying out.  I still hear it.  It’s different now, just as an album of songs might have a similar tone but transforms continually to tell a story, this calling is still singing.  What is calling to be revealed now?

Content and Delivery:  What we say and how we say it.  Can truth be told in words without the subtle and unique character of it’s delivery?  Is truth simply the content?





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