Russell Brand’s Revolutionary Documentary List

By Talismanicidols on February 4, 2017

Check out number 7.  Divine number 7.  Yep.  Kymatica is on Russel Brand’s Top Revolutionary Documentaries.

Firstly, I’m not going to blubber on about how I started calling every joint or DMT stogie a “Jeffrey” since Russel uttered those words on “Get Him to the Greek”…

Nor am I going to mention how much I considered going to Hawaii to see if I could catch a glimpse of Russel and Jonah Hill at the local restaurants…

No, but what you will hear me say?… read me type?… see me mention is that once Russel began speaking out about his worldly perspectives, he became one of my favorite living comedians since Mr. Carlin, Dr. Bill Hicks and Professor Andy Kaufman.

You don’t have to speak about current events or expose injustices for me to like your comedy… I love Eddie Izzard as much as Lee Camp or Louis C.K. as much as Steven Hughes.  You just have to be good.  Simple as that.  Good is engaging.  Good is thought provoking.  Good is a quality that comes from wisdom on at least a few topics that can be blended to make a point that most wouldn’t have made on their own… and yeah, being clever helps.

So here’s to Russel Brand.  As with all who appear on the big screen, many have their own opinions about him and that’s really the point of speaking up on corporate hypocrisy, global tyranny and social negligence.  You get people on both sides talking and maybe, just maybe some will bend their rigid beliefs and broaden their horizons.

If you guys would like to see me interview Russel Brand for Waking Infinity or Kymatica 2, send me an email to with your thoughts on questions or topics.  I’d love to know his thoughts on Kymatica.

Mind you, I have never met him, nor have I connected with him but I do have indirect connections… Yeah my guy knows his guy.  And she’s a girl… and they may have shared a few Jeffrey’s (I really don’t know).

Thank you Mr. Brand for listing Kymatica as numero siete on your list of Revolutionary Documentaries.

Signing off,

Your friendly neighborhood filmmaker,

Seriously, I’m filming your neighborhood right now,

And it’s creepy,

Señor Dahli


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