“Knowing your destination is only as helpful as your
clarity on where you are and how to move.”

Talismanic Idols offers media, informational content and products to understand and intelligently move you towards highest potential and purest intention. Raising awareness is non-specific. There is no particular path we propose you follow except for the one you discover is yours. Remember, there is no singular point where your path is fully realized. It is always a continualevolution.

Through videos, podcasts, blogs, newsletters and personal consultations, we provide guidance on thefundamentals of living a fully purposeful life. The four pillars of human consciousness are Science,Philosophy, Religion and Art. These pillars are aspects of one continual process of observation, extrapolating meaning, committing to a pure intention and behaving and creating in accordance withthat intention.

In order to nourish the integrity of each pillar, we refine two area of influence. Body and Mind.All movement, posture, diet, breath, study, exploration, play, socialization and experimentation fall into the area of the body. The area of the mind is dedicated to becoming still and observing.The final step is the merging of these two areas so our mind may focus on one particular task and the body may move only in the most elegant and efficient manner.

“Once you learn
you won’t return
to the you you were before.”

Personal Words from the Founder

Welcome. My name is Ben Joseph Stewart and I am committed to lifting the veil of all confusionso we (humanity) can see the consequences of our actions in their purest form. Only then maywe walk a legitimate and meaningful path in life.

Since 2008 when I created my first film Esoteric Agenda, the people’s mental paradigm hasevolved quite a bit. My work spoke to conspiracy theorists as well as new agers and doomsdaypreppers. I felt I could do a better job reaching people with my approach in Kymatica (2009).This film delved deeply into consciousness as it appears to the individual and the collective. How and why does humanity behave the way it does? That was the question I found most importantand still do.

The latest documentary I created was Ungrip (2011) about a dear friend Rob in the Pagé family in Canada who moved himself and his family off grid and has lived self sufficiently ever since.Slowly but surely his approach has proven to be the most effective in reflecting peace and wisdomfor all beings. There are many flashy salesmen out there supposedly doing the same, however Robfollowed his heart where others simply used the same terminology only to belittle others and comeacross superior.

I have since seen the evolution of social media and humanity’s use of it’s potential. Anger is more pronounced and love is more poetic. Fear is more widespread and inner peace is more talked about yet remains elusive. We are more connected, that is for sure, but what does it all mean? Where is it all going?

@BenStewartDahliChoose wisely. Choose persistently. Choose beyond your beliefs. Never stagnate.Tag us #Kymatica2