I’ve been Where? Peru or Cali? Training or Trippin’?

By Talismanicidols on April 24, 2016

I’ve gotten a few comments from people asking how peru is this time of year.  As much as I love answering that question I feel I have to clarify… I’m not in Peru.  I’m in Northern California doing some awesome stuff with local movements as well as training my body and mind with functional movement, foot bag (hacky sack), gymnastics and ice baths.

Many of you know what I’ve been up to from signing up for the Newsletter (scroll down on the home page to find it).   I recently sent out the first Insider Conversations podcast.  Just an introduction with more to come.

You might have seen recent posts on my Instagram (BenStewartDahli) from Pisac, Pucalpa and Moray in Peru.  That’s just cuz I’m bildin’ ma sowshal netwerkin.

But I’m surprised I didn’t get any comments on the hacky sack picture with my CanniFest 2016 bracelet visible.  I was asking if anyone could figure out the 2 promoters of neurogenesis implied in the image.  I used to get so many people asking if I smoke cannabis and the answer is no.  But I do take the oil extract.

Some call it Rick Simpson oil.  My friend tests it for purity and it’s the cleanest I’ve found.  I use it steadily while I train.

One might think oil would make you lazy but I disagree.  It definitely calms the central nervous system but it is possible to have rapid reflex, full energy, balance, mobility and mental acuity while dosed appropriately.

I’ve gotten a few emails from people telling me they naturally moved into this Mobility / Movement exploration.  If you were fans of Kymatica and understood where my interest was going, you will find great merit and benefit from these methods.  It’s meditative, yogic, Now-filled, breath related, scientific, economic, and inspiring.

*If you’re curious why I say scientific:  You must move your body in the way your frame and set are built to move most effectively to experience the science of motion

*If you’re curious why I say economic:  Holding poses or transitioning to multiple or performing a flowing routine all require the economy of breath as fuel, the economy between balance and imbalance as partners (not opposites per se), and the economy of mental and physical signals (structural imbalance, will power imbalance, mental clarity and oversight etc…)


SOOOOOOO….. without spittin’ the whistle too carelessly (huh?), let’s bring this full circle.

When I go to Peru, my diet changes, my attitude shifts, my mix of work and play attunes differently, and I always find myself drinking ayahuasca with life changing people and having life changing realizations.  The same can be said for my movement training lately.

It is possible the feeling is close because of the Cannabis oil but when I take the oil without movement exploration and personal limit stretching, I don’t feel the life changing force present.  It’s more cerebral and less potent.  When I move and breath and feel my body when it’s introduced to extreme cold and long heat exposure and sun… my life moves forward.

I organize my mind better.  I make decisions in a calm and inspired state only after I’ve reviewed all possible angles on paper.  In front of the eyes instead of behind them (in the mind).  I feel more driven and certain about why I’m here and what I’m doing.

None of that self assurance comes from a mental idea or exciting prospect, or anything external for that matter.  It all comes from standing up or sitting correctly which help me breath properly.  Which helps me feel more comfortable with how my body/temple/”source of force” is in the present moment.  This is all an empirical study on myself  and all that I’m finding, all the results are more in alignment with meditative practices and self observation.


If you feel like you spend too much time in the head and not enough in the body and present moment, I am building a regimen that I have found personally invaluable and effective.  The only ingredient necessary from you is:


No expectations

1 hour a day


In this regimen, I will be brining expert advice from trainers all over the world.  Posture-Form-Breath-Movement-Temperature-Mental Feng Shui-Focus-Fun

So for those of you who haven’t signed up for the newsletter, go to the Homepage and scroll down.  Sign up and you’ll receive the Insider Conversations podcast as I bring in guests / experts / enthusiasts to talk about all these subjects that bring us closer to clarity.

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Until next time, remember that today has never happened before.  And in my opinion it won’t ever happen again.  So.. you know…

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