Calling All Graphic Designers

By developer on October 28, 2015

Hey world, I’m looking for graphic designers to create the DVD artwork for the first season of Waking Infinity.  The DVD’s will be available on this site and in select stores that carry conscious films.

I’m looking for anything really.  My taste buds gear me towards simple and effective or complex and trippy.  So… um, yeah there’s a lot of room for creativity.  Once I find the top 5 that I like I will post them in a new blog and let you guys vote for which one you like the most.

The winner will obviously receive some free shit (figurative shit… not literal) and will be the first one I go to for further Waking Infinity seasons and possibly more.

The designs do not have to be in DVD template format just yet.  That step will come later.

Just send in your ideas to with the subject heading “DVD Art”

Thanks to everyone in advance.  Can’t wait to see the designs.


Ben StewartWaking Infinity DVD disc art

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