Bone Broth & Connective Tissue

By Talismanicidols on June 4, 2016

Bone BrothDisclaimer:  This post comes mostly through what I’ve read and resonate with on an intellectual and intuitional level.  I’ve only been making bone broth for a month now.


What:  Bone Broth

When:  Now

Who:  You

Where: -ever you want

Why?  I’m so fucking glad you asked.

My lovely fiancé introduced me to the value of bone broth in my diet.  Especially as a training athlete in the “whatever I feel like” sport of life.

(By the way… my lovely fiancé has an instagram page that rhymes with The_Organic_Kitchen…. actually it sounds exactly like that… because it is that)

I didn’t really start doing it on my own until I listened to Daniel Vitalis’ podcast with Jordan Rubin.

The notion that we (Modern Industrialized Cultures) or “Mics” for short… wait, that’s racist… but we as a culture are throwing away the mineral dense bones, organs, and connective tissues and only eating muscle meat.

Muscle meat, like that juicy steak you’ve been dreaming about or the chicken breasts (Hey! I’m up here, pervert), is high in the amino acid Methionine but low in Glycine.

Methionine is found in eggs, seafood, beef, lamb, Brazil nuts, etc…

However when the ration between Methionine is too high, imbalance in the body occurs, such as an increase of Homocysteine (which worsens when low in Folate).  This could (key word COULD) lead to heart disease.

So why am I talking about this?  Because bone broths (done correctly) have more Glycine to balance the potential issue, they have Glutamine, gelatin, collagen, and minerals such and magnesium, potassium and small amounts of calcium.  What really gives bone broth it’s calcium content is the vegetables.




Parsley (helps chelate minerals into broth)


Mushrooms (Shiithake, portabelo, crimini, oyster)


But first… you must have the right animal stock.  Beef marrow bones, pig or cow hoof, fish heads and backs… yes this might sound gross but you will strain out all the matter and just drink the broth.  If you can’t handle that… then go read an article about detoxing, building connective tissue, boosting immune system, improving gut micro-biome, alkalizing the body, and strengthening hair, skin, nails, teeth with a prayer to you angel guides…. I’m not joking, if you don’t use the bone broth, you’ll need all the help you can get.

Okay, so I’m really not saying you “need” this… but I’m giving it a shot to see how it helps… IF it helps.  Hence the disclaimer in the beginning.


Put animal stock items in a large pot or crock pot.

Fill with water and nearly a liter of Apple Cider vinegar or some kind of organic white wine.  (The alcohol will cook off).  This is to help break down the collagen and other properties in the stock.

Let sit for 20 minutes then add medium to low heat.

You may add the veggies after a few hours.

Don’t let it come to a boil as this could cause the broth to sour.

Leave it on low heat for a day or two.  Yes… a day or two.  This will give time for all the properties to break down and become bio available.  It will also increase Glutamine levels which can pass the blood brain barrier.  (Warning… if you are feeding this to an autistic individual, high levels of Glutamine might be too excitatory.  In this case you might try a quick cook of 2-5 hours… or consult a professional before trying).

Once done, and you’ll know it’s done because you’ll either fuck up, get bored or realize that it’s been plenty long enough, this is when you strain out all the veggies, bones, particles, demons and fat, until you are left with only a dark brown liquid.

That’s your gold.  Your Chinese Chocolate milk, your Chilean… Chocolate milk.  Your… it’s bone broth.  That’s what you’re left with.  High mineral, high amino acid, high goodness bone broth.

Enjoy the living shit out of your bone broth fellas and felines.



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