Money, Medicine & Me

  • 25 Nov

I’ve received a few similar questions recently which seems to inspire a blog post from me when the questions are sincere enough. “I want to make money doing what I believe in.  However the very thought of making money and paying taxes that pay for agendas I do NOT believe in is an obstacle.  How do you do it? HOW I…

Calling All Graphic Designers

  • 28 Oct

Hey world, I’m looking for graphic designers to create the DVD artwork for the first season of Waking Infinity.  The DVD’s will be available on this site and in select stores that carry conscious films. I’m looking for anything really.  My taste buds gear me towards simple and effective or complex and trippy.  So… um, yeah there’s a lot of…

For Simplicity’s Sake

  • 10 Oct

Now that I’ve made a call to action about the type of material, ideas, and projects Talismanic Idols is hunting for and a three part blog on a summation of a few parameters I enjoy regarding the delivery of content (the way you say what you say, do what you do), let me go keep the balance and make another…

3) Vehicles of Relation

  • 03 Oct

For the past two articles we’ve touched upon being called or compelled to do something and what to do with that calling.  How do we deliver it and in what vehicle.  Content and Delivery is the topic. In the last article we got into our words and actions as being the technology by which we express ourselves outwardly and even inwardly….

2) Content and Delivery: What we say and how we say it

  • 02 Oct

Following up from the last post “That Which Calls Out to be Known”, I ended on Content and Delivery. Can truth (whatever the hell that is) be evident simply in content, or is its manner of delivery integral to its being understood? Here’s another question:  Can content be understood if it is not delivered?  Can you have a car without…

1) That Which Calls Out to be Known

  • 02 Oct

When I began working on Esoteric Agenda back in 2007, I didn’t have a vision of the outcome.  That is not to say that I didn’t know the purpose for which it was being creating.  In fact, the higher purpose that compelled me to make that film was the only thing I did know.  I couldn’t speak of it in words,…

The New Push: An Esoteric Agenda Continues

  • 22 Sep

Hello all.  It has been a while.  It has been a long, weird, psychedelic, entrepreneurial hurricane kick flip of the imagination these past few years.  I have moved around the country, been staying outside of the country and vagabonding my way into a new life.  So enough being vague. For the past 16 years of my life I’ve been a musician….

Graduating Life with Honours Free Download

  • 16 Sep

Many of you know Rob in the Pagé family from the Ungrip. He is also an author and I choose to spread the good word of his book on this page because of many reasons. A few of which are the sincerity he has in his life choices. Download the book here for FREE….