Alistair Overeem using Ice Man Breath Method

By Talismanicidols on May 10, 2016

Folks, I’m excited to bring to you a recent UFC fight that just went down in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.  Alistair Overeem squared off against his own team mate and training partner, Andrei Arlovski.  But the reason I’m excited is because of Overeem’s breathing was peculiar.  

Wim Hof aka the “Ice Man” would be proud.

The video above is probably not mine, just found it on Youtube.  I watched the fight live and noticed right away.  At the following times in the first round you can see him closing his mouth to nose breath.

Time Clock Round 




Joe Rogan speaks with Wim Hof about breathing techniques.  At some point Joe tells Wim about nose breathing being a martial arts method (BJJ maybe) to avoid mouth breathing (aka panic breathing).

In this video Wim teaches Joe the breathing technique.

Obviously this is not exactly what Alistair is doing during the fight because during a fight, the most efficient breath technique is simply breathing rhythmically.

Arlovski is Poopooskied!

At the end of round 1, Arlovski struggles to make it back to his corner as he stops to lean against the octagon cage for a breath.  However, Overeem kept applying what looks to be the Wim Hof breathing method.  Then at the beginning of round 1, Overeem is still applying the method. 

Overeem is Refreshed

I’ll admit Arlovski gained  a bit of spunk back in the second round so whatever his cage leaning meditation did helped for a bit, but Overeem ended up winning with a fantastic combo and ground and pound.  

I’m hoping to have a follow up interview with Wim Hof for the Insider Conversations and upcoming Waking Infinity episodes.  

Here’s a clip of Wim Hof and I in his upcoming episode.  He speaks about training Alistair for this fight.


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The more you are in your body and exploring movement, exploring your relationship with gravity, with temperature, with sound, light, pace, breath and the will to keep learning, the more your mind might use what little time it has left over to dump the drama and focus on what counts.

This isn’t self help.  This is self exploration.  The difference is; you don’t need help to explore your own moral compass and drives in your own life.  You are accountable ultimately to yourself and reality.  And in reality we all have families, friends and beneficial goals that count on you overcoming your drama by acknowledging the choice.

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