Real intelligence is beyond the brain. Real strength is beyond the body. The help this planet needs is beyond the human, but not beyond the superhuman.

Our great distraction is not that we sell ourselves short on our goals. It is that our goals are disconnected and singular instead of part of the universal web. Only with proper education can we know the extent of our true potential.

The Superhuman book series is a synthesized discipline that draws from all world sciences, philosophies, religions and arts. Today we have a better understanding of the human body, the mind and our natural world than our ancestors could ever deliver. Now this knowledge is yours.

There are many methods out there to maximize your athletic performance. Many more offer cognitive tricks to nominally improve memory and problem solving. Diet fads and the latest products will not deliver you to your highest nature. Nothing out there is cutting it on it’s own. Comic books make superheros look impossible and hollywood makes sure we believe that miracles are merely cinematic tricks. All the while, no scientific evidence supports that human potential is at or anywhere near it’s peak. This is where we come in. Starting with three full length documentaries about the lies we’ve been told, the power of conscious intent and the necessity of applying every ounce of yourself to achieve your goals will give you the tools to dismantle your self limiting beliefs. The Waking Infinity series on Gaia.com illustrates how to discover the artist within and revolutionize the way you interact with the world, humanity and yourself. Do yourself and the world a favor and start with these videos and download your free ebook, Superhuman Genesis. Your inner superhuman is calling. Answer it.